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A couple notes regarding this release

First: The Title
"Transduction in general is the transportation or transformation of something from one form, place, or concept to another."

The main reason I make music is to convey emotions/ideas that I normally couldn't through conventional means. With that being said, Transduction seemed like the go to name for my first release.

Second: Audio Format & Downloading
I would love if you all downloaded ALAC or FLAC. However, you may download MP3s if you must :p

The EP is FREE!!! So just enter the price of $0, your email, zip, and you're good to go.

Third: Thanks
THANK YOU. YOU. AND YOU. AND YOU. ALL OF YOU!!!!! The support from all my family & friends, both new and old, is so inspiring it blows my mind. And honestly, whether you support me or not, you're in my life somehow and I am the sum of my experiences so technically we collabed on this EP.

Special Thanks to:
Abstract Future for allowing me the honor of being the first release on their label. The Music Under The Radar, Luna Light, & F.A.R.M crews for all the support. David Sean Ryan for all the sick pictures he lets me use. Owlchemist for the dope edit and logos. And my lovely parents for providing me with the best life I could ever dream of.


released June 9, 2015

Composition: Donald Jason Shepherd
Mixing: Donald Jason Shepherd
Mastering: Donald Jason Shepherd
Original Album Photo: David Sean Ryan
Photo Edit: Owlchemist (Ethan Melazzo)
Ep & Artist Logo: Owlchemist (Ethan Melazzo)
Label: Abstract Future



all rights reserved


Face Plant Trenton, New Jersey

The face is the primary means of emotional expression. To plant is to place something with the intention to have it grow. It's with these ideas in mind that Face Plant looks to create and express emotions through his music. In order to facilitate the growth of the mind, Face Plant aims to plant inspiration in his listeners and to become a plant of sorts himself; manufacturing emotions. ... more

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